Running Club

NMR Running Club – (Fitter, Stronger, Faster)

*Postponed during the pandemic.  We will begin run club once it is safe to have multiple cohorts participate together*

A part from the obvious physical health benefits (fitter, stronger, faster), Running Clubbers learn how to train, are introduced to some very basic mechanics of running and the benefits of a proper warm-up and cool down habits.

However, there are other benefits of Running Club. There are social benefits where younger runners have an opportunity to interact and get to know older runners, which leads to greater camaraderie in the school.  This also has a trickle-down effect at the junior and senior high levels.  “Hey - weren’t you in Running Club?” The hallways of the school become a friendlier and a more welcoming place. 

The psychological benefits of running club are undeniable. Runners gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self-esteem as they see themselves transforming into fitter, stronger, faster athletes.  This confidence then transfers into the classroom in the form of improved academics; a calmer learning demeanour and sharpened focus during class time. 

Extra-curricular benefits can be seen as well.  If your child participates in extra-curricular activities, such as hockey, soccer, dance, swimming, just to name a few, participation in running club will increase your child’s strength and conditioning and therefore will improve the performance of your student-athlete.  Overall, Running Club is a wonderful and inclusive way to be involved at Neil M. Ross. 


Who can join running club? Running Club is open to grades 4-6 from mid-October to end of May.  Grade three’s can join after Christmas break in January.

When does running club start?  Cross Country Running Club starts the first week of September and ends at the end of September.  Running Club (indoors) starts the middle of October and ends at the end of May.

What are the operational times of running club?  Running club is held Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 7:40 – 8:15

How many meets does running club participate in?  Running club typically participates in the U of A Golden Bear Elementary track meet, The Running Room Indoor Games (formerly the Edmonton Journal Games), Klondike Relays, NMR School track day, SAPEC outdoor track meet. 

Is there a cost to join running club?  Running club fees cover the cost of entering meets, transportation to and from meets, replacement of track shoes, treats & wind-up activities. This year the cost of participating in running club is $60.00. For families with more than one runner, $100.00 for two runners, and 140.00 for 3 or more runners for the year.  Grade three runners are $40.00 per runner.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding running club? You can contact Jamie Robertson at 459-1244 or

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