Lunch Programs

Lunch Policy & Programs


As part of our nutrition and wellness program, we operate a Reverse Lunch (for grades K-3).  This means that at the beginning of the lunch break our students go outdoors for activity. After recess, students enter the school to eat lunch. Hired personnel will supervise through the lunch break. In addition, our grade six leadership students assist with supervision in the K-3 classrooms.


We have several children in our school who have life threatening allergies to peanut butter or nut products. We require the assistance of all parents and students to create a safe environment for our students.  We ask that you do not send any items containing peanut butter or nut products in your child’s lunch or for classroom treats.

Children with allergies are asked to wear their Epi-Pen if required on their person at all times.

MILK PROGRAM - Postponed

Beginning Sept. 19th, milk will be available for sale daily for 85 cents. Milk orders are available using our cash online system. Tickets are also sold at the office for 85 cents each.  You can choose to purchase online for daily milk orders or have your children turn in a purchased coupon on the days that they will be having milk.