Parent Volunteer Forms


Criminal Record Check

Volunteers who are helping out in our classrooms who will always be with our staff now longer require a criminal record check.  

Volunteers attending field trips and participating in instances where you would be with students without a staff member require a criminal record check. Please access the school letter below prior to requesting a letter.


Criminal Record Check School Letter



Criminal Record Check & Vulnerable Sector Check Letter

These will need to be completed when:

~ Attending overnight trips

~ Responsible for students outside of school hours

~ etc ...


Not sure what paperwork is needed?  Check out this chart of information that our division follows:

No Criminal Record Check Required

Criminal Record Check Required 

Criminal Record Check and Vulnerable Sector Check

  • Volunteer is only assisting with a single event

  • Volunteer will not be working with students out of direct supervision of school staff

  • Examples:  helping with food preparation during a special event, assisting with prepping materials in the staffroom, attending a field trip for skating – always with the large group

  • Volunteer is assisting with multiple events

  • Volunteer may be supporting one on one or small groups for a short duration without direct supervision 

  • Examples: helping on a field trip where the volunteer has small group at the Telus World of Science, assisting with hot lunch program every week/month, doing one on one site words in the hallway every Friday

  • Volunteer is working with individual or small groups of students ON A REGULAR BASIS or for longer periods without direct supervision

  • Examples: coaching a team, attending an overnight trip or trip that is outside of school hours and they are responsible for students 

  • VSC must be associated with a specific role and the role is included in the letter to the RCMP